Chrissy Seaver is a main character in Growing Pains.  


Chrissy Seaver is cute, lovable, and precocious. The entire family adores her. She was born the day after Ben's 12th birthday, at 12.03 a.m., and is named after an elderly man Ben had befriended just a few hours later while at the hospital. Ben suggests the name Chris; she was officially christened Christine Ellen Seaver.

Chrissy would come to idolize each of her older siblings, asking all of them for advice and guidance as she navigates childhood.

In The Growing Pains Movie, Chrissy is a sophomore in high school and has started to study film-making. In the final movie, Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers, Chrissy is a recent high school graduate and has started to travel on the road with hopes of becoming a world-famous singer. In Return of the Seavers, Chrissy (and her bandmates) perform "As Long As We Got Each Other"; the scene transitions from the band performing the song while traveling in an RV to Chrissy and her boyfriend arriving at a family picnic, where everyone is present and having a great time.


  • In season 4 she was first played in her infant stage by an uncredited set of twin sisters.
  • In season 5 she was played in her toddler stage by twins Kelsey and Kirsten Dohring.
  • In seasons 6 and 7, Chrissy's age was advanced to five years old. She was played by Ashley Johnson.
  • In the episode Future Shock we see an older version of Chrissy. Teenage Chrissy Seaver was played by Khrystyne Haje.