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Mike Seaver is a main character in Growing Pains


Mike Seaver is the teenage, oldest son of the family. Mike tends to get into his share of troubles, his grades are not the best, and his favorite thing is chasing girls. But despite all this, his love for his family (as well as his friends), is genuine and honest, and he does all that he can to be there for them.


Mike is somewhat of a slacker with his schoolwork. At 15 he is more interested in girls and having fun. His best friends are Eddie and Boner, who are just as fun-loving but irresponsible and underachieving as he is.

In the episode Thank God It's Friday, Mike is proven to have a strong moral compass when, while at a party with Eddie and Boner, he rejects an offer to try cocaine and leaves the party. Mike is distraught over the situation and is sure he's lost his two best friends, but Jason reassures him he did the right thing. In the end, Jason reveals that Eddie and Boner called the house concerned about Mike, and reveal (in code language) that they also left and rejected the offer to try drugs, which immediately lifts Mike's spirits.

Early in the season, during a family vacation to Hawaii, Mike falls for a pretty tour guide named Melia , and the two have a brief romance. Several months later, still smitten, he learns that Melia is coming to California for a convention and actually travels cross country to reunite with her, but the attempt fails.

Also during his senior year, Mike -- in order to get closer to a girl he likes -- auditions for a leading role in the school production of "Our Town," and realizes he has genuine talent that, if he works at it, can make him a star.

Mike learns that one of his teachers, Coach Graham Lubbock, has lost his job due to budget cutbacks, and upon learning he has a large family to support and that his wife is pregnant, he rallies the community to have Coach Lubbock reinstated. In the end, Mike's efforts get Lubbock a job at a private Catholic school in California.

Meanwhile, Mike's poor study habits begin to seriously impact him being on track to graduate on time, as depicted in the episode Nasty Habits. Mike eventually does graduate from school, in the season finale Graduation Day.

Mike becomes a big brother for the third time when Maggie gives birth to his sister, Christine Ellen "Chrissy." Mike quickly grows to love and adore his little sister.

Meanwhile, Mike moves out of the house, renting a small room above the garage, and begins attending Alf Landon Junior College. He also begins dating Julie Costello, whom had been hired as Chrissy's nanny, and mourns the departure of Boner when he enlists in the Marine Corps.

Late in the season, when Carol begins dating Sandy, Mike, along with Ben, make sometimes very cruel jokes about him. However, when Sandy is seriously injured in a car accident (after driving drunk) and later dies from his injuries, Mike is there to break the news and help comfort Carol in her time of deep grief.

Mike breaks off his romance with Julie shortly before they are to be married. Not long after, he meets Kate MacDonald, a fellow student at Alf Landon Junior College who is enrolled in the same class; shortly after, they begin dating.

Mike continues to date Kate. Mike attempts to now set a good example for Ben and help him be a good big brother to Chrissy.

Mike takes a job as a substitute teacher at Thomas Dewey High School and begins mentoring a homeless boy named Luke Brower. Meanwhile, Mike and Kate's relationship becomes serious and in the series' finale, the two become engaged to be married.

The Growing Pains Movie[]

Mike and Kate are the proud parents of six adopted kids. Mike has become more mature since the series ended.

Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers[]

Mike gets a promotion at work that requires him to travel to Tokyo, Japan. His oldest daughter Michelle is not happy about this, but the other kids haven't thought about it. Mike tries to stop Ben from selling the family house.

Trivia []

  • He had 5 years of piano lessons.
  • In the episode Graduation Day we see 3 younger versions of Mike. Little Mike was played by Victor DiMattia, Toddler Mike was played by Kanin Guntzelman and baby Mike was played by Hunter Cope and Adam Teitlebaum.
  • In the episode All the World's a Stage we see an older version of Mike. Older Mike was played by Kirk Cameron's real-life father Robert Cameron.
  • In Season 5 after breaking up with Julie he begins to date his college sweetheart Kate. Kate was played by Chelsea Noble. Kirk Cameron met Chelsea when he was visiting his little sister Candace Cameron Bure on the set of "Full House". Kirk and Chelsea went on to co-star on "Growing Pains" together. They dated in real life. Kirk and Chelsea were married on July 21, 1991. They have six children together. Four are adopted and two are biological. Kirk and Chelsea are both Christians in real life. They have co-starred in the original "Left Behind" films and run Camp Firefly.
  • After "Growing Pains" came to an end Mike graduated from Alf Landon Junior College. He later married Kate and they adopted six children. Mike has since gone on to be an ad executive and was made vice president of the company.

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