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Sandy is a recurring character in Growing Pains.


In Carol We Trust

Sandy is a sophomore at Junior College, he meets Carol in the library, while she's there doing some research for school. Carol lies telling him she's from NYU and then Sandy asks her to a bar called the Beer Keg located across the road, and she goes. The next day Carol calls Sandy and invites him to the Seavers while she's babysitting Chrissy. Sandy hides when Jason and Maggie return home because Carol tells Sandy Jason's crazy and that he carries a gun.

Anniversary from Hell

Carol invites Sandy to Jason and Maggie's surprise 20th anniversary party.

Second Chance

Sandy takes Carol out on a night on the town; a college party and a restaurant with a lot to drink. After the date Sandy asks Carol to a Dean's list luncheon for the following day despite Carol having family obligations, she says she'll be there. The next day, Sandy fails to show up for their date and he hasn't called; Carol is a nervous wreck waiting for him to arrive, leading to plenty of cruel jokes by Mike and Ben. When the phone rings, Ben begins videotaping what he and Mike think will be Sandy giving some goofy explanation about why he is late; instead, it is Sandy's friend, Doug, informing her that Sandy is in the hospital; he was involved in a car accident on his way home from his date with Carol the night before. Upon realising the seriousness of the situation, Mike and Ben immediately stop their joking around.

Carol goes to the hospital to visit Sandy, who appears to be just a little bruised. He lets on that drunk driving charges are pending against him, but he feels lucky that he has received a second chance. When Carol gets home, Mike is waiting with some terrible news. He had just received a phone call from Doug informing him that Sandy had just died (of internal bleeding). Carol is upset at first, thinking that Mike is playing another cruel practical joke, but as he presses on with the details, it becomes clear that Sandy really has died.