Season 2 of Growing Pains.


Jason, Maggie and three on-the-go kids. Mike receives a car from his pleased parents after he's named Employee of the Month. (So how's he going to tell them he's been canned?) Mike's not the only one with secrets. Brainy Carol wants everyone to think she has a romantic extracurricular life with a hunky football hero. And what's up with 10-year-old Ben and those 67 calls to a sex line?



  1. Jason and the Cruisers
  2. Fast Times at Dewey High
  3. Long Day's Journey Into Night
  4. Call Me
  5. Employee of the Month
  6. Dream Lover
  7. Do You Believe in Magic?
  8. Jason's Rib
  9. The Kid
  10. The Breakfast Club
  11. Choices
  12. Higher Education
  13. Some Enchanted Evening
  14. Thank You, Willie Nelson
  15. Thank God It's Friday
  16. My Brother, Myself
  17. Jimmy Durante Died for Your Sins
  18. Carnival
  19. The Awful Truth
  20. Born Free
  21. The Long Goodbye
  22. Confidentially Yours